I Can Make You Move- Announcing Release of Three New Book Series- 12 April, 2014

How do I start this story? What do you want to hear?

I don’t know your tastes, your interests.

If I saw you or you saw me say across a supermarket aisle chances are we would not stop to wave for how do we recognize each other?

We have not met.

Honestly I don’t know to what extent I want to share with you or, why?

I think it important for you to read this- should that be reason enough?

A question nags in my mind- isn’t this too presumptuous of me?

To think I know what you need when I do not know who you are. To think I can help, I can offer you ease… an understanding… of our human situation.


I think I am going to take the plunge. I am going to leap off this edge and hurl my body through the wind resistance right into the cold water below. Seeing its India, the land of eternal summer, dust and heat I feel that no onerous task.

I will relish that moment of impact when I break through the surface tension. I will curl my body as if a babe in its mother’s womb when I travel deep where even light diffuses.

I will touch bottom before I flex and open like a flower turning to the sun. I will propel myself forward and upward to break through the surface tension again cutting it this time with new direction, energy fueled by a desperate desire to breathe… to live… to begin… anew.


If you possess a warm body, if a heartbeat throbs I know I can reach you. More importantly I can inspire your response because I… can… make…you…move.

Three women… three stories… each an enriching experience of love and life.

In the first, The Kidnapping meet gutsy Maithili Deshmukh who rescues The Virata Rai from the clutches of an underworld don.

The Virata Rai ranking Second on the List of the Most Eligible Bachelors in India has more important things to do with his time befitting the status of a captain of Industry than an accidental romance.

What does he have to learn from a business duffer who buys two brothers and gets two brothers-in-law for FREE in a bargain offer of a lifetime?

I am going to tell you more in my next post promoting THE KIDNAPPING.

Till then Cheerio!

From the desk of Ruby Mohan

© Ruby Mohan 2014

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