Not Everything Needs to be Said

Ironical that I should have a blog post titled Not Everything Needs to be Said.

I am a blogger, poet and novelist. Peddling words is my bread and butter. Yet, I am a great believer in the art of understatement.

With the triage of an excellent education, widespread communications network and social media; we are bound to develop an opinion on the world around us. We have a say, a stake so to speak and with freedom of expression to aid and abet is it surprising that we are becoming more vocal?

Isn’t this desirable and shouldn’t it be encouraged? In a democracy- a government of the people, by the people and for the people- if the people are talking then things are bound to get done.

Interestingly that is not how this scenario develops.

Socrates, Greek philosopher is credited with the quote:

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss

events, weak minds discuss people.”

It is practically a trend I see if I develop the profile of the posts I read or discard on any given day.

While I am not advocating a moral policing or preaching here I feel a continuous bombardment of thoughts from all over the world create a mental chaos in one’s mind. Its like you are exposing yourself to the Tower of Babel and as with the parable when your mind is CONFUSED you are akin to a headless chicken.

You run in all directions but don’t necessarily reach anywhere.

That is why we have a parliament that never seems to accomplish much. That is precisely why we have so many willing to put in their vocal oars but none willing to physically row.

Words on the internet cannot be erased, deleted and will come back to haunt. Especially if you are a teenager filter. filter, filter…

Today you might feel convicted about a certain issue but with growing maturity you will be able to read subtext and the context of the entire conversation could change so dramatically that you might end up feeling mired in a quicksand of your own making.


You are under fire but this is so sneakily done that you may not even be aware of it. You end up with blood pressure reading how your favorite team has won or lost a match; are you aware that victory or defeat could all be a rigged outcome? Subliminal messages are served with the news you watch, the messages you read, the tweets you receive, even the advertisements you see.

When you respond to that hate message that makes your gut recoil and the Adrenalin pump through your veins you have just allowed someone to dump their garbage in your home.

The right things to do make your inner consciousness expand. You feel yourself growing with positivism. You have a can do attitude. Kindness, appreciating your culture, respecting other people, believing in the inherent goodness of the human race, taking care of your elderly, protecting your young these are ingrained in your DNA.

From time immemorial we have been asked to be guided by our Inner Voice. The reason is because that is one entity you cannot fake or play games with. You cannot argue with it using ideology or religion.

But you have to stand up for it. You have to represent that your Inner Voice believes in. Now doing that takes rare courage. That nobody is talking about.

It has many names. Self-evident, being true to yourself, know thyself… The kernel of the concept is you are created for a purpose. You will know it- sooner or later. Just as you will realize you only love once- sooner or later. When you get distracted you take your eye off that purpose and all this vocalization is nothing but a distraction.

There is a concept that says you have to invest ten thousand human hours to gain mastery over a subject. If you are saving the world, saving your religion, saving your country- all noble purposes, don’t get me wrong- then when are you earning your money, helping your spouse, spending time with your parents or playing with your kids?

When are you adding value to yourself by reading a book or actually experiencing what it takes to score the goal that takes your team to victory?

When you are being so righteous about your superiority how can you understand the charm of earning grace by touching the feet of an elderly?

There is so much that is right with this world of ours that nobody broadcasts. Because it does not serve any agenda. It is self evident as the nose on your face or the stranger who opened the door for you this morning with a smile.

So stop talking and listen to things that really matter.

Listen to your child at the dining table. Listen to your spouse when they ask to be heard. What is the point of getting married seven times when you know you lost the love of your life when you divorced the first?

Not everything needs to be said but if you learn to really listen you will have a pretty good handle.

It is scientifically proven that its not people who have high IQs that are really successful; it is those with high EQs or emotional intelligence. As individuals our success depends on our ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately to them.

Nobody gets that by talking.




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