Season of Ramblings

I don’t know how people can wear tokens in lieu of seasons. Just one snowflake as a brooch or a raindrop in a pendant, dangling russet brown and gold leaves as earrings evocative of autumn or tiaras of spring flowers, maybe even bracelets.

I am greedy. I want it all.  Snowdrifts in my hair freezing the locks into shards. The trickle of a snowflake down my spine making me twitch in jerky motions. Snow angels on driven white snow where I lie reluctant to arise and trample upon my illusion though the damp is freezing my backside. I want to taste each morsel of winter, separate its chaff from the grain and sip each distilled snowdrop as it melts in the heat from my fireplace.

It is not just seasons I want. I want the people I love to surround me longer. I want to laugh, break bread, talk, dance…
I want to share their silence but mostly I want to listen to their stories.
I want all their time and I want a minute more.

I want to say hello but never goodbye.



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